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Emporia, Kansas

The RDA serves as the lead for confidential inquiries and offers assistance to those businesses interested in considering expanding in the Emporia and Lyon County trade area. We have compiled data which is accessible on this web site which will provide the basic information regarding the Emporia business climate.   The RDA serves as the lead organization for manufacturing, distribution, office, retail and commercial expansions. For customized information or reports please go to contact us.

The four page document contains an overview of our location, municipal services, educational facilities, commercial services, transportation services, utility information and contacts, local mill levy rates, local tax rates, incentives and sites. It is located on the “Demographics” page. 

The 2010 census data which depicts age, income, race/ethnicity, education and housing data for the City of Emporia, this information can be found on the “Demographics” page.

Population Chart of Emporia and Lyon County, Kansas from 1950 to 2010 and is located on the “Demographics” page.

Based upon the information gathered from the Kansas Department of Labor web site, the RDA has compiled data from the primary and secondary labor force market areas listed on the “Demographics” page. The primary labor force market area is defined as Lyon County and the secondary labor force market area includes Lyon County and the adjoining counties of Coffey, Chase, Greenwood, Morris, Osage and Wabaunsee. On the Data Center page is the Primary & Secondary Labor Force Market Area Map, the Primary Labor Force Market Area, and the Primary & Secondary Labor Force Market Area.  

The RDA staff updates on an annual basis the Top Ten Major Employers in Emporia, Kansas; the Major Employers and Manufacturer’s of Emporia, Kansas; and the Publicly Traded & International Companies located in Emporia, Kansas. Please go to the “Demographics” page to obtain these in pdf format. The following is a list of the Private & Public sector employers by business name, website and product/service.

Birch Communications Telecommunications
Better Life Technology Vinyl Floor Coverings
BLI Rentals Rent to Own Storage Buildings
BPE, Inc. Archery Products
Bunge Corporation Soy Bean Processor
CAMSO Rubber Track Products
Cargill Animal Nutrition Dry Pet Food
Detroit Reman Engine Remanufacturing
Dynamic Discs/Distribution Disc Golf Equipment
EVCO Wholesale Food Corp. Distribution
Fanestil Meats Meat Processing
Glendo LLC Engraving Tools
Hill’s Pet Nutrition Pet Nutrition Products
Holman Distribution Center Distribution
Hopkins Manufacturing Automotive Care Products
Hostess Brands Bakery Goods
Kansa Technology Insertion Equipment
Norfolk Iron & Metal Carbon Steel Distribution
Pratt Industrial Industrial Valves & Actuators
Sauder Custom Fabrication Pressure Vessels
Simmons Pet Food Pet Nutrition Products
Thermal Ceramics Refractory Ceramic
Tyson Fresh Meats Meat Packing
Valu-Net Fiber Optic Broadband
VEKTEK Hydraulic Clamping Devices
W.A. Moyer Glass Level Vials




Emporia State University


U.S.D. #253

Local School District

Newman Regional Health


Lyon County

County Government

City of Emporia

City Government

Flint Hills Technical College

Technical College

Primary and Secondary Schools
Lyon County has three public primary and secondary school districts servicing kindergarten through 12th grade. Those are North Lyon County U.S.D. #251, which serves north rural Lyon County and the communities of Admire, Americus and Reading. South Lyon County U.S.D. #252, which serves south rural Lyon County and the communities of Olpe, Neosho Rapids and Hartford. Emporia School District U.S.D. #253 serves the city of Emporia. Two parochial schools are located in Emporia – Emporia Christian School which serves pre-school through 6th grade and Sacred Heart School which is pre-school through 6th grade.

Post secondary institutions in Lyon County are located at Emporia, Kansas. Emporia State University is one of the finest medium sized universities in the Midwest. Over 5,500 students are enrolled in the university, offering outstanding programs in Education, Business, Arts and Sciences, Library Science and Information Management. Flint Hills Technical College offers training in Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Automotive Technology, Business Administrative Technology, Certified Medication Aide, Certified Nurse Aide, Computer Program Design & Development, Computer Machine Tool Engineering, Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Emergency Services Technology, Emergency Medical Technician, First Responder, Graphic Arts Technology, Healthcare Operations/Management, Health Occupations Technology, Home Health Aide, Hospitality/Culinary Arts, Industrial Engineering Technology, Interactive Multimedia Design, IV Therapy, Practical Nursing, Network Technology, Power Plant Technology, Technical Studies, and Welding Technology, with over 700 students enrolled annually. Training partnerships are developed between the manufacturing community, Emporia State University, Flint Hills Technical College and Emporia U.S.D. #253 to deliver customized instruction.

Kansas State University, University of Kansas, and Wichita State University.

The City of Emporia has adopted a performance-based retail incentive policy utilizing Tax Increment Financing (TIF), and Transportation Development District (TDD) for retail/commercial development. Lyon County Retail Pull Factor.

The business recruitment team of the Kansas Department of Commerce (KDOC) is one of our key allies in assisting business in their expansion needs. KDOC on the state level provides site location assistance and customized incentive proposals, which include workforce training, workforce development assistance, income tax incentives offered through the Enterprise Zone programs and High Performance Incentive Programs. With regard to property tax incentives, the personal property tax on business machinery and equipment placed in service at the business after July 1, 2006 was repealed. Kansas offers business machinery equipment tax credits. In conjunction with the City of Emporia and Lyon County offer up to a ten year 100% temporary tax abatement on real property and buildings. A qualifying business may be eligible for sales tax exemption on the new construction and remodeling of their facility. The various incentive programs, business initiatives and financing programs are outlined in great detail on the Kansas Department of Commerce website

Emporia and Lyon County are served by the BNSF railroad. Our primary economic development contact is John Rider, at 913-551-4148 or

The BNSF website is and go to the maps section of this web page for a Kansas railroad map.

Westar Energy provides electrical distribution in the City of Emporia. Lyon-Coffey County provides the electrical service outside the City of Emporia. The Westar Energy economic development contact is Reed Holbrook at 316-299-7452 or or The Lyon-Coffey County Electric Coop. Inc. contact is Scott Whittington at 620-364-2116 email is or

Kansas Gas Service provides the natural gas distribution for the City of Emporia. All of our industrial sites are served with natural gas. The Kansas Gas Service economic development contact is Susan Marx at 913-319-8709 or and their website is www.

The City of Emporia provides the sanitary sewer, water and refuse service for Emporia. The point of contact is City Engineer Jim Ubert at 620-343-4264, or


Valu-Net LLC serves the entire residential and business community in Emporia with Gigabit fiber-optic service making Emporia a “Gigabit Community” providing virtually unlimited bandwidth capability. Services provided are secure Gigabit Broadband Internet, Ethernet services and Voice communications services including Analog Voice, PRI and SIP trunk service. Contact is Rick Tidwell at 620-208-5010 or

AT&T is also one of the telecommunications providers in Emporia. The primary contact number for Emporia is 800-286-0256

The State of Kansas has a variety of business incentives, for the most current information on Kansas performance-based incentives go to their website

The performance incentives offered by the City of Emporia are up to 10 year 100% tax abatement on real property and buildings for a qualifying business, a performance-based cash grants, real estate at a reduced price with infrastructure improvements and other creative incentives based on the needs of the qualifying business.

The City of Emporia has three primary performance-based incentives for commercial and retail development, Tax Increment Financing (TIF)/Transportation Development District (TDD), Community Improvement District Policy (CID) and the Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.