Gigabit Fiber Internet

ValuNet Fiber Internet facility
ValuNet Fiber Internet facility

Less than 10% of communities nationwide have access to fiber internet. Emporia is one of those few.

Founded in 2012, local company ValuNet FIBER operates Emporia’s only all fiber optic broadband network. Over this network, ValuNet provides HDTV, phone, and blazing-fast fiber internet service. The company’s “fiber-to-the-premises” design is capable of providing up to one gigabyte (1,000 megabytes) of bandwidth to each customer’s location.

Join the tech revolution in Emporia

Unlike other internet providers who lease the “last mile” of copper wire from the incumbent phone company to reach customers, ValuNet FIBER controls the ValuNet FIBER network from end to end. ValuNet FIBER therefore does not depend on any other providers for the construction, maintenance, repair, and pricing of the connection to its network-based customers. The extraordinary capacity of the all fiber network allows ValuNet FIBER to offer unmatched data speeds to Emporia’s residential and business clientele.

In addition to its local network, ValuNet FIBER has constructed new high-speed fiber connectivity to other carriers, cities, and the Internet backbone at bandwidth and speeds never before available to Emporia. To learn about ValuNet FIBER, visit