Electrical utilities lines in emporia kansas


Evergy provides electrical distribution in the City of Emporia. Lyon-Coffey County provides the electrical service outside the City of Emporia. The Evergy economic development contact is Ebony Clemons-Ajibolade at 316-299-7429 or ebony.clemons@evergy.com or www.evergyed.com 

The 4 Rivers Electric Coop. Inc. contact is Dennis Svanes at 620-364-2116 or their website at 4 Rivers Electric Cooperative 


Kansas Gas Service provides the natural gas distribution for the City of Emporia. All of our industrial sites are served with natural gas. The Kansas Gas Service economic development contact is Chris Wedel at 620-341-7052 or  Christopher.Wedel@onegas.com and their website is www.kansasgasservice.com/rateinformation-riders


The City of Emporia provides the sanitary sewer, water and refuse service for Emporia. The point of contact is City Engineer Jim Ubert at 620-343-4264, jubert@emporia-kansas.gov or emporia-kansas.gov.


Valu-Net LLC serves the entire residential and business community in Emporia with Gigabit fiber-optic service making Emporia a “Gigabit Community” providing virtually unlimited bandwidth capability. Services provided are secure Gigabit Broadband Internet, Ethernet services and Voice communications services including Analog Voice, PRI and SIP trunk service, and cable. Contact is Kala Maxfield at 620-208-5026 or kala@myvalunet.com.

AT&T is also one of the telecommunications providers in Emporia. The primary contact for Emporia is Rob Reynolds at 800-286-0256 or d.robert.reynolds@att.com